Risk Assessments




General Risk Assessments

Risk Assesments are the carefull examination of what in your work place can cause harm to people,so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm.

Workers and others have the right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures.

We will visit your premises to get a measure of your business and assess whether your work environment complies with current health & safety legislation. Risk assessments are legally required under the ‘Management of Health and Safety Work Regulations’.  Therefore, once we have identified where the risks lie, you will receive practical advice on how to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments for the areas of significant health and safety risk in your business.. The general risk assessments should be used as a reference point when you look at your specific risk assessments. The general risk assessments will assist you when considering the hazards associated with your business activities and enable you to complete a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks identified.