The Policy








Sets out employers / management committment to Health and Safety.

The policy is a general statement of intent to set goals and objectives.

The policy shows the organization of roles and responsibilities.

The Policy sets out the arrangements identifying systems and procedures.

It sets out organization and arrangements for controlling work related hazards.

It must be translated into effective action.

It must be in place for employees and others to view.

It must be periodically reviewed.


 What Can we do for you?

Having completed the general risk assessments, we will produce a written statement of your health and safety policy as required by law.
The full policy and policy statement must be signed and dated by senior manager(usually the managing Director) and should be prominently displayed. The policy statement explains that your company controls health and safety and does not threaten the health and safety and welfare or the employees. It also states that you will control health and safety issues likely to affect any other person who may come into contact with your business.
The full policy identifies those responsible for the different elements of the policy as well as the arrangements to deal with the specific issues.